How to Find Your Own Sugar Daddy in Canada

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I'd always been curious. I imagined my life with a sugar daddy to look different between sugar daddy & sugar baby. I created accounts on several websites. But the best sugar daddy website is Every week or two, I would meet a potential sugar daddy in Canada. Six months and as many unpaid vet bills later, I found a nerdy-cute i-banker in his late thirties; so immediately I took care of my debt and transferred to the city's best vet. Still, I took it slow. On our fifth date, he offered me $2,500 a month so I could relax with my dog. That night, he got lucky, too.

Two months later, I buried myself in his bed, welcoming the high-thread-count comfort of his luxury loft. He soon convinced me to move in. This was how I inadvertently let him into a sugar daddy. In turn, I got to shop more, join his fancy gym, and eat at fabulous restaurants nightly. Tropical vacations and designer lingerie are decadent, but the habitual treats — like organic groceries, a cleaning lady, and pedicures — are what had me hooked.

Eyebrows may raise, but I see no moral issue here. In fact, if there's anything unbalanced about this equation, it's in his favor. I give him what money is worthless without friendship and fun. Plus great sex. That, by the way, is the easy part. It's the emotional labor that's challenging: I do all the grown-up relationship work, from planning our dates to downright mothering. I know I have to quit — but I was afraid the thought of reverting back to a bodega-based diet or, God forbid, drugstore makeup.

Despite these, many of my friends still ask for pointers on acquiring sugar daddy. Here's what I tell them.

1. Be Persistent on the Hunt

You'll have to sweet talk an army of frogs before you meet one you could imagine having sex with. I met Jim on, the most popular and direct sugar dating service. For a less seedy option, try searching Sugardaddies by salary. Determine your boundaries (I wasn't comfortable meeting men that were not in Canada, for example), then snap a few suggestive selfies. If your photos are too trashy, you'll be treated like a prostitute.

When you find a potential match, pick a swank restaurant so you know he really has money. Your worst-case scenario now includes an epic meal. Ask lots of questions. Played the smart-but-free-spirited angle, they'd respond on cue. Know your approach and stay consistent.

2. Know Your Roles … and Play With Others on the Side

These guys are good at making money, not having a girlfriend. So take advantage of that and just enjoy the exciting experiences together. Unlike I did, avoid domesticity and limit dates to two or three nights a week. Not only is this more manageable, but your unavailability keeps him interested.

The job description of a sugar baby, as we're called, is to be fun, happy, busy, sexy, and mysterious. Other feelings freak sugar daddies out — so if you aren't happy or busy enough, embellish! Text him photos of stylish parties stolen from Instagram while you watch Girls and eat rice pudding alone, on your period. Keep your emotional needs in check via friends and lovers (but don't mention these "support networks" to your sugar daddy).

3. Get the Bang for Your Buck

Ask him to spring for a personal trainer and regular spa days so you can look your best for him. Wait until he's in a good mood to shoot him once. Before any trip or party, explain that you don't own a stitch of appropriate clothing. Shopping may not be your sugar daddy's idea of a romantic date, so aim to engrave his plastic with your name.

The appeal of a sugar daddy is obvious: fantastic meals, exotic vacations, and even rent money. But being a sugar baby isn't a sustainable lifestyle. It's an adventure. If you want to find a sugar daddy in Canada, here may be the best place.

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